Our newest line of equipment around the shop, and not having anything to do with garden tractors, is our new Bercomac 2 stage ATV snowblowers. We’ve  gotten quite a few calls and e-mails about these .  We hadn’t really paid any attention to the ATV market until we saw this snow blower in the Bercomac line up of ATV UTV and RTV snowblowers. We did just a quick comparison of the differences between the Berco Prestige model and the only one or two other manufacturers that offer ATV or 4 wheeler snowblowers. What stood out to us was the 23 horse power Kohler engine with a de-icing system. The competition has a 13 HP engine. This snow thrower also has a unique control saddle for the needed control switches. A nice detail we liked was the electric chute rotation and chute deflector. The snow blower has it’s own dolly wheels for support.

When Bercomac came out with the Versatile and Vantage model snow blowers right way we tried them on our eGator, that’s right, a battery powered Gator was able  to handle these big and powerful snowblowers. We didn’t have any problems going to battle with the winter storms. Our demo ATV UTV and RTV blowers got a work out last year!  There are so many options to pick from, different widths and horsepower of engines. We ship them all over the US. Move the snow where you want it the 1st time and quit playing snow relay, or if you already have run out of places to push the snow, get one of these big boys and move your mounds of snow. We have them in stock right now, If you would like to see more ATV UTV and RTV snow blower details, check out our web pages:





We’ve added a line up of options for ATV UTV and RTV snowblowers so there are now 15 different horsepower and widths to choose from, this is an option and price list:






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