Agco Allis garden Tractor

Agco Allis garden tractor

Around here we call all the annoying things that go wrong with your machine when you try to use it first time out the “Wintertime Blues”. Why does it not work when it worked fine when we put it away? We don’t know, sorry. But we fix all kinds of machinery here at our shop and answer lots of questions about it. Here are a few:

Q: Jim, I have not used my tractor in about 6 months. I tried starting it but the tractor backfires during a higher speed and eventually will stop. I already replaced the gas filter, cleaned the air filter, and replaced the spark plug. What could it be?

A: Make sure your valves are not sticking in the valve quires from sitting too long.

Q: I have a question regarding my John Deere 316 garden tractor and a problem with the hydraulic blade sticking in position. The blade functionally is not the problem. we have switched the hoses around to verify that it is not the blade, also the handle linkage is not stuck. One of the four hookups does not allow the blade to return. We can make the blade go up, but cannot return it back down (also we can do the same with left to right if we switch our hook ups around). We have been putting the blade down and lifting the tractor off the ground and having the stuck hookup be the return that would lift the blade. We leave the handle in the down position and over about a 3 hour period, it will slowly release and set the tractor back on the ground. Any thoughts on how to release this sticking? The fluid used is the transmission fluid of the tractor, would a transmission cleaner additive work?

A: It sounds to me like you will need to replace the double hydraulic control valve and see if that takes care of your problem.

Q: Jim my problem with my John Deere 425 garden tractor is driving me nuts, The dealer says the switch is good, but seat switch was bad. Now it dies when you take the brake off, The PTO still does not work. Got any good ideas on this problem?

A: Check your fuses, make sure the seat switch is okay, then remove the rear fenders and check out the wiring going from the seat up to under the dash. 1-800-618-8738

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6 Responses to “Garden Tractor Troubleshooting”

  1. I was given an older model Craftsman riding mower that my son and I just finished rebuilding. The problem is we can’t get it to shut off unless we pull the spark plug wire. Can someone pleas help?

  2. It sounds like your magneto ground wire is disconnected.


  3. Jim & Bonnie,

    Great site. Glad I found it. I’m new at this and just bought a 1973 140 hydro John Deere Lawn Tractor. The trouble I’m having is, I’m sure, a relatively basic one. I’m seeking to remove my 48 inch deck in order to change the blades but I’m not sure how to lossen and retighten the belt. A lawnmower mechanic told me that there should be a knob below the front end that would do the trick but I couldn’t find any. I’m without any owner’s manual and at my wits end for what probably is a simple task. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    Joe Z

  4. I just replaced the PTO clutch on a Bolens QT17 with a Kohler KT17 engine and now it won’t start. When I crank it over it backfires as thought the timing is off. Could changing the from pulley affect the timing in any way? I don’t see how that’s possible, but nothing else makes sense. I’ve looked at the the plugs and one cylinder is fouling while the other is dry. Spark is good and points are OK.


  5. You should take a compression test. The difference between the 2 cylinders should be less than 10%.


  6. Hi Joe,

    Glad you like our site, thanks. The lawnmower mechanic is correct, the first thing you need to do is fix that plastic knob. I’m pretty sure you can’t find it because it is missing. You will need to order that part and install it.