I came across a listing of the new model John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractors. This list was posted by Stan in the JohnDeereGardenTracto Yahoo group. Stan is the group owner, one of the moderators, and a John Deere mechanic. There is some good natured bantering going on about which garden tractor model is, or was, the best. My (Bonnie’s) personal favorite was the John Deere 322, I loved the sound of that engine. Not too many of them were made. I’m pretty sure Jim would say the John Deere 140 because of all the features it had for such an early model.

All “L” series are now “100″ series
LT & LX series are now “X300″ series
GT & GX series are now the “X500 Multiterrain tractor” series
X400 & X500 series are the “X700 Ultimate tractor” series

102 – 17hp, 5spd, 42 inch deck
115 – 19hp, hydro, 42 inch deck
125 – 20hp, hydro, 42 inch deck
135 – 22hp, hydro, 42 inch deck
145 – 22hp, hydro, 48 inch deck
155C – 25hp, hydro, 48 inch deck
190C – 25hp, hydro, 54 inch deck

X300 – 17hp, hydro, 38 or 42 inch deck
X304 – 17hp, hydro, 42 inch deck, 4ws
X320 – 22hp, hydro, 48 inch deck
X324 – 22hp, hydro, 48 inch deck, 4ws
X340 – 25hp, hydro, 54 inch deck

X500 – 25hp, hydro, 48 inch deck
X520 – 26hp, hydro, 54 inch deck
X534 – 25hp, hydro, no deck, 4ws, PS
X540 – 26hp, hydro, 54 inch deck, PS

X700 – 23hp carb gas, hydro, PS – Comparable to the 425 then X475
X700 series have 48,54,or 62 in.decks
X720 – 27hp EFI gas, hydro, PS – Comparable to the 445 then the 485
X724 – 27hp EFI gas, hydro, PS, 4ws – Comparable to the 445 AWS then the X485 AWS
X728 – 27hp EFI gas, hydro, PS, 4wd – Comparable to the X585
X740 – 24hp diesel, hydro, PS – Comparable to the 455 then the X495
X744 – 24hp diesel, hydro, PS, 4ws – Comparable to the 455 AWS then the X495 AWS
X748 – 24hp diesel, hydro, PS, 4wd – Comparable to the X595
(comparables added by Jim)

The engines in the new X series are all Kawasaki or Yanmar and are exclusive to the John Deeres.

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2 Responses to “New Model John Deere Garden Tractors”

  1. Hello

    I’m new to this forum, so please forgive if I ask a question that has already been asked. I’m looking to buy a new John Deere lawn tractor to mow my flat 1 acre lawn. I won’t be using it for any heavy work such as plowing or hauling. I’m looking at 2006 Model 145 with 48-inch cut (or 2005 Model L120). I’ve done some searching in epinions.com and was surprised at the number of negative comments about the L120 and L130 such as “it’s not a “real” John Deere” or “it’s made much more cheaply than “regular” John Deeres”.

    So my question is: is there much truth to this? Should I pay the extra $1600 to step up to the next higher price level of John Deere tractors (such as X320)? Will these 300 series tractors last much longer than the 100 series (or what used to be the “L” series in 2005)? I’m sure the more expensive models are slightly more sturdy and have some better features, but for a regular mower like me, does it really make that much of a difference?

    Thank you for any advice you can provide
    Best regards

  2. Hi Gary,

    I don’t want to be snobby and say the L models or 100 models are not real John Deeres. But like all brands you do get what you pay for. Of course a cheaper model is not going to last as long. But, sometimes you can buy 2 cheaper models for the same price as a more expensive model so you still can be getting your money’s worth. I have a friend with a flat yard like you have and he bought an L model and just loves it. He takes excellent care of it. It’s not a year old yet so we will see about the durability.

    I do get plenty of e-mails from people who have bought the small models and want to add attachments later on. Then you might wish you had the more expensive model. If you are sure you just want to mow on a nice flat surface I think the less expensive models could work just fine.